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I’m Paul but I am only a small part of this story. In fact, my three rescue dogs are central to Tail Blazers. I have learned first-hand the challenges, joys and comfort that dogs can bring to people’s lives, but I appreciate in a very busy world it can sometimes be difficult to dedicate sufficient time to exercise and engage with your dog in a way that they find stimulating and enjoyable.

Each one of mine has taught me many lessons. Zeeva was the first and most challenging. But with patience, commitment and guidance from knowledgable trainers she went onto become not only a Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold member, but also Irish Agility Rescue League Champion (large dog) 2018 and 2019.

Sapphire is a very anxious dog but thrives in quiet open spaces. She preferred to be trained outside and on a one-to-one basis. She likes to run and chase squirrels, her happy place.

The youngest member is Brady. Having achieved his Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen he is now training for agility. The ball is his best friend, he just loves to play!

Now that the important people are introduced, I can fill you in on my story. It is through having my three dogs that I became a member of Castlereagh and District Dog Training Club almost ten years ago. Here I meet all types and sizes of dogs along with their human companions where I teach and guide them through their Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards. This includes basic obedience, lead walking, recall and manners. Given this experience and rapport I have with dogs it seemed a natural move to become to a professional walker.

I have recently completed an Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) course in Canine Body Language. My ultimate goal to ensure that your dog is comfortable, at ease and happy when under my care, whether that be through a good walk with lots of neighbourhood sniffing, or a run in the forest with dog friends! We travel to different local areas in order that your dog can experience new smells and experiences which is a really enriching experience for them.

Our Services

Caring for your dog is something I take pride in. Your dog is important to you, and so they're important to me.

As a professional dog walker I will meet you and your dog in advance to discuss your dog’s needs and your requirements. This meet and greet is important in order that you can feel confident with me caring for your special friend.

It may be that your dog is older, or has health conditions and you’d prefer that they had a nice quiet local sniffy walk in your neighbourhood, perhaps you’d like your dog to get more exercise running and playing with new friends in open spaces whilst under control. Whatever you require I can collect and return your dog(s) to you.

I specialise in working with nervous and anxious dogs and I can help improve their confidence. I have a lot of experience in working with rescue dogs, all breeds and sizes!

Variety and experience

I travel to different walking spots to give your dog variety and plenty of room to sniff!

Pick up and drop off

I collect your dog and drop them off. If they are more comfortable walking close to home I can do that.

Fit your schedule

I am flexible to suit your schedule and ensure your dog has a postive experience.

Trusted, reliable service

I have over 10 years experience working with dogs and am fully insured. See some testimonials below.

Importantly, before I take your dog the first time, I will go through important paperwork with you to give you extra peace of mind. Don’t worry this won’t take long, it is to help me understand your dog and to give you reassurance that I will do the best for them.

Please check out my testimonials and if you’d like to get in touch please email me or contact me via Facebook.

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If you'd like to chat feel free to email me: paul@tailblazers.dog or check out more pictures and videos on Facebook or Instagram.

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Get in touch via email or through Facebook. I can work with you to find the right activity for you and your dog!


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